Thursday, 25 August 2016

The Innate Curse.


yk.. things seem perfect in my life, but they aren't. I am just too scared to accept it. 'cuz I don't wanna loose. I am fighting alone. and am 'smiling' (bruhh!) . I crunch my eyes hard pretending to laugh out crazy not because it's all too bubbly; but 'cuz my feared that my eyes would spill the overflowing pain my heart keeps.

They say, your eyes show your soul.

 But darling, looking down into mine's you'll see burning volcanoes spitting lava and dancing demons- the chariots ripping out my skin to kill the hope left and dinning the kindness.

My eyes hold destruction.
There's no more love left.
No stars, no fairies or blooming flowers- no calm nights or the sparkling world you saw in them.
They destroyed it all. They seized those memories, those moments and gave immortal pain in turn.

No baby, my smile no more light this world. My giggles sign painful cries and fearful screams.
My happiness now render death.
My presence do not make it all perfect, anymore. But it turns the realm towards apocalypse..

~Varia xoxo

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

The Cabbalistic Locale.


Has it ever happened to you? Glimpsing through something your precarious mind just realize unforeseen discoveries 'bout life?!

happens to me a lot.

I suddenly thought of the golden deer. yeah, that enchanting creature. I haven't seen him, but his name gives his description so beautifully that one actually feels to be there.
He would be soo delightful, so gorgeous that even Maa Sita fell in love with his charm.
His magnificent eyes and alluring grace would be so appealing. His enchantress grace would be so artistry that charm and elegance would be dribbling from his pleasing frame.

I unrevealed some pictures of such a precious creature and my heart's insisting your perceive.

It's 'bout the love...

...and the aftermath.

~Varia xoxo

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

The Scribbled Anticipation.


Really, sometimes I feel so guilty to belong to this mankind. like, what we have done to His fabrication. Just look around; the bloods and smears of hate are seeping into the talus. Even the infants are loosing purity and chastity.
Glancing 'round, it pins my eyes; and the condemnation reminds me of the sins I've never committed.
This world has been too harsh to me.
The fiend faking as swain, leaves pain only.

Like I thought you came here to heel my wounds but darling, hurting w/ daggers is no cure, is it?
Every time somebody falls in these deep eyes, somewhere it deepens the scars to bleed beseech again.

like waves get calm and calmer as the ocean gets deeper; and its easy to loose yourself in deep circumstances-let it be your eyes or the pain in your heart.

And it feels like, like quite dry sky w/ no birds except meat-eaters, hunting for your soul at the dusk.
and on the ground dear wolves are halting for you my love, for it to get dark and hound you down.

But the witless masquerade will never know that it won't get darker than your life.

like drowning near a cruise, but you can't scream. 'cuz they were the one to smash the aegis of your trust.
and seeing you still surviving will piss 'em off to hell, ofc.

But my dear, look around.

The island of love, faith and hope is there for you, still.

~Varia xoxo

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Dear Oppo.


Some ppl "who 'mean' a lot in my life" (bruhh.. that's what they told me) has actually done nothing except bringing me to the lives of such beautiful souls and making me a part of this place (thanks! :|), for me to glance once, how is this world; how is God's creation, and what the 'humans' have done to it.
In my vocabulary, 'humans' means 'the descendants of humanity'  
huh! but the generations are loosing this term somewhere in the past ways. But who bothers to carry it home?!
The world cries oceans in death of devils; but the tears turns expensive for the angels.

Dear God,
Strange is this place.
Strange is your creation.
ik you didn't put me here to criticize it all but to adjust and move on. But the Almighty, You created me' yk the rules and regulations of this scene are not a part of my plate.
Moving from person to person, per kilometer, per mile, humans are moving ahead towards a 'bright future' leaving the 'torches' behind.
Dear God, to be frank,
did you forgot to put this thingy called 'justice' while making us?!
Like, ik some have it in their fate but those who need it the most are starving for it from eras!!
Like, dude, how can YOU be unfair?!

I've heard, 'life's unfair'; but they say You'll take care of your saints.
But they do omit that this life, this game, this arena, is all your creation!

Again, I ain't criticizing you God.
I am not.
I do Love You.
and I do Believe in You.
All my faith and hope and every breath belongs to You.

But bro, aren't we buddies, huh?!
Like since the day i breathed first, you've been here; like just here; right on the left side of my breast. and ik even after this time, you'll stay w/ me, no matter what.
That means we're gonna be together like forever, umm.. actually even after that!
so.. why not be friends?!
Like we'll share our problems, our opinions, and my flaws. and from my lil' efforts and yours' major, someday we'll make this world some place where we can chill out together; w/ no worries in our heads, no pains in our hearts, no teras in our eyes; but the lights in our eyes, only smiles and crazy laughs and crackles.

I'll have patience for that time bro, and I'll work.😏 This time, am gonna work w/ chu.. at you're side. 😉
♫'Demons never bothered me anyway!'♫
Hakuna Matata!!

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Talking On Feminism.

Hi! I am Varia. Over her again with the mess in my head. So today, my mind's working on feminism.
I wanna began w/ an elementary query-
             'Are you a Feminist?'
The word involved believing and supporting the idea that women should get equal rights and opportunities as men.
Sounds cool, doesn't it?
But this lil' remark, demands the fire of labor to revamp and grow and outshine the monsters prevailing in us.
The way is too long; and the stumbling blocks of this dready world are halting for us on the concrete.
        If you believe in giving women equal rights, then you might agree with me on surmising that the punishments should be equal too.
If yes, then you are a real feminist for me.  
If you believe in feminism when you walk in the crowd and the idea slowly degrades slowly as you step in your thoroughfare, then my dear, the feminism you show is FAKE!
The real feminism comes when you don't drop your jaw seeing a guy wearing makeup; when you don't widen your eyes seeing his done nails, or wearing him a pink shirt w/ funky yellow pants.
my inspiration: Manny Mua
Tag yourself a feminist if you won't narrow your retina next time you see a lady from village earning livelihood in town, or glancing at one riding motorcycle showing her femur.
Feminism not only empowers women. But it builds a safer and happier place for all to live.
Trust me.
When the beads of justice and equality will roll on the roads of hope, the world will be a better place to live.

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