Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Beloved Acid Assailant.


You said you love me. But I didn't deserve your touch. I refused to. Your love was so strong that it burnt my face. My beauty could never please your nasty deeds.

I was your dream; but you thought me to be worthless for anything. A green piece of paper bought you my end, which is still sold open in those streets.

I cared, and this is how you rewarded me.
I was lying in the middle of the crosswalk-



covering my face 'cuz ik it was no more a thing to look at.

Somehow in the hospital, they saved me, but I lost my life.

I turned ugly for the world.
The flawless face that once walked proudly on the roads, is now hiding behind curtains.
Glancing on the mirror with the only eye I was left with, even the mirror yelled my pain.

But darling, you burnt my face, but somewhere my dreams were still breathing.
I still stand with the same courage, now even stronger, to face the world with my distorted face your love gifted me.
You thought that 15 acid bottle will ruin me; you were as wrong as your deeds; rather they built me fireproof.

And now I am ready; to fight and defeat you all.
You said am worthless, now you'll see that your 'worth' can't even buy my death.
Just look 'round and see my dear, the girl on whom you threw acid is on the top of the world and you, hah! you're still between those nasty streets looking to greet your end.

 Karma's a bitch, baby,
and it stood so true when you saw me succeeding on the T.V. and the guilt surmounted your heart that your soul wanted to leave your nasty frame.

                           Now say,
                                      who won?!

Saluting the Brave Hearts ♥

~Varia xoxo

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Their Bizarre Love Tale.. ♥


His eyes reflected her grace, awakening the world to life. His eyes were of crystals, they used to say in his childhood; not even a single word was lie.

The colors were the reason behind her smile; though she was color blind. He thought himself to be useless and a waste of space. But who know what He had planned. Those crystals never aided him to see the world but for her, they bloomed the beauty everywhere. 

They both had flaws.

They both have got faults

The world didn't do anything but pity them. But they both were starving. starving for love.

They met their hunger when their eyes met.

Now they didn't need the world; but together they built their own.
A place between the stars, in the land of fairies, they rolled together over the golden grass fields. Their lil' sweet home, had a lil' mail box to greet giggles all the time. 
Someday filling the voids 'round with love, they reached at the top of the world.

Everybody saw them there.

hah! so strange what two blind eyed did what the bright world never can.

~Varia xoxo

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